Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development

Are you looking to discover, identify and isolate novel secreted biologics, such as antibodies, cytokines and growth hormones for use in drug development? Our integrated Cyto-Mine® instrument and novel Cyto-Cartridge® can help you find high quality variants in a vast sea of possible candidates, faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before. Need to switch to a research programme? No problem. Our flexible research instruments and their novel biochips can be rapidly adapted to meet the needs of new biopharmaceutical discovery applications.

Primary B-cell analysis

Primary B-Cell Analysis

Our high-throughput technology helps you isolate valuable variants from large cell populations.

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Hybridoma screening

Hybridoma Screening

Use our technology to rapidly screen your entire hybridoma library for high quality antibodies in just one day.

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Antibody production

Cell Line Development

Rapidly screen and identify high producing cell types for use in downstream production applications.

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Phage Display

Phage, Microbial and Other Display Applications

Maintain library diversity, reduce library bias to rapidly-growing phages, and discover truly novel variants by allowing phages to grow at their own pace in individual picodroplets.

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Single cell analysis

Single Cell Assay, Sorting and Dispensing

Encapsulate, incubate and screen millions of single cells and isolate individual hits for analysis using our rapid miniaturised technology.

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