Single cells

Encapsulating Biology
Transforming Discovery

Our novel research and integrated instruments and collaborative research services enable the rapid engineering, screening and characterisation of single cells and their biological products. These cells are subsequently useful in research, biotherapeutics, bioproduction, cell therapy, drug discovery and diagnostics.

If you’re searching for rare and valuable variants within large cell populations, or wish to engineer them, we can help you do it faster, more cost-effectively and with a greater chance of success.

The Fast and Effective Engineering and Screening of Single Cells for Research and Development Applications

With flexible, future-proofed technologies we boost assay throughput and sensitivity, reduce consumable usage and optimise discovery, development and bioproduction across a broad range of applications.

Biopharmaceuticals and antibody production

Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development

Increase the throughput and speed of your R&D pipeline. Better characterise biotherapeutic products. Carry out effective cell sorting and retrieval – and find those ‘rare’ variants.

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Synthetic biology

Bioproduction and Synthetic Biology

Rapidly screen large libraries to sort through diverse populations of bacteria, yeast, hybridomas and transformed cells to find the best clones with the relevant phenotype.

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Cell therapy engineering, analysis and isolation

Cell Therapy Engineering and Genome Editing

Use primary cells or precision engineer or transform, analyse and select cells for therapeutic applications, such as using engineered T-Cells for cell therapy, or novel research studies.

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Drug discovery and biotherapeutics

Single Cell Disease Research

Carry out in-depth studies into infectious diseases, cancer and autoimmune disease through the effective compartmentalisation and analysis of single cells from disease-related samples.

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Metagenomic analyses


Use our systems to carry out comprehensive metagenomic analyses that probe deeper into complex conditions, such as metabolic disorders and poorly defined diseases.

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Single cell diagnostics

Single Cell Diagnostics and Prognostics

Our technology is an effective tool for purifying complex clinical samples and analysing single cells to improve patient diagnosis and better predict prognosis.

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Our technology makes it possible to screen billions of cells and provides you with the best chance of finding that rare and valuable variant.

How do we do this? With microfluidic technology that allows the ultra-high throughput analysis of isolated single cells in miniaturised (pL to nL) volumes, picodroplets.

We offer a number of systems, from fully automated and integrated solutions designed for ‘plug and play’ use, through to flexible research instruments and customised research services for use in laboratories with more specialised needs. Our range of cost-effective consumables is specifically designed to work harmoniously with our instruments, providing significant time, cost and energy savings when used together.

Our technology and expertise is applied with our novel workflows to aid the discovery and development of therapeutics from single cells. Whether it’s for short research projects, technology development programs or partnerships, we provide a range of specialist collaborative services to suit your needs. Together we can reduce the cost and complexity of your research, and increase the speed of your discoveries.

The Scientist names Cyto-Mine® technology #1 in the Top 10 Innovations of 2018.

We are delighted to announce that Cyto-Mine® is one of the winners of The Scientist 2018 Top 10 Innovations!
Cyto-Mine® was selected as one of the winners by an independent panel of expert judges who assessed Cyto-Mine® for its ability to transform the life sciences by fostering rapid advances in scientific research and addressing key problems in the field. Cyto-Mine® is poised to revolutionize antibody discovery and cell line development as the first fully integrated system to perform high-throughput selective screening, cell isolation and provide assurance of monoclonality.

On hearing the news that the Cyto-Mine® had won our CEO, Frank F. Craig, commented: “It is fantastic that Cyto-Mine® has been internationally recognised by The Scientist as one of the Top 10 innovations of 2018, excellent news!”. Read more about The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations in 2018.


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