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Making Our Technology Accessible

Here at Sphere Fluidics, we want to help biopharmaceutical companies access the underlying components of our technology. That’s why we previously made our Cyto-Mine® technology accessible via a Technology Access Program to offer our cutting-edge technology to a number of partners on a first-come, first-served basis. Several of these slots were taken and the partners gained early access to Cyto-Mine® for 1-2 years before the general market.

Sphere Fluidics may form another Technology Access Program in the near future to enable you to gain a time-based competitive advantage. During this time you will get technical support, consultancy, purchasing discounts and early access to our systems to give you that competitive advantage. Partners will also be able to contribute to shaping the development of our technology. We will also invite you to provide feedback to help us enhance features and usability, ensuring our technology continues to advance and meet the needs of biopharmaceutical discovery and development experts.

Single cell analysis

Why Partner with Sphere Fluidics?

One of the main benefits of the Technology Access Partnership scheme is the significant cost saving achieved by sharing the development costs and investment with the other partners. Whilst in the program, partners will receive a sub-license to select patents from our international portfolio, covering novel biochip designs, instrumentation, optics, cell analysis and counting processes, and surfactant structures.

Entering a program will also mean that the partner will get early access to a proprietary system and software, novel Cyto-Cartridges® (these integrate a number of biochips) and specialist chemicals. Contact us for up-to-date news on this program, its availability and cost.

Single cell research partnership
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