Application Materials

Curious About the Different Uses of Our Technology?

From biopharma discovery to single cell disease research and diagnostics, our picodroplet technology has numerous applications. Read about how our products and services have been used in our latest posters and application notes.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for?

Can’t find the information you’re looking for?

Application materials

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2017: Cyto-Mine® Application Note 1: IgG Secretion Assay

2017: Development of a Microfluidic-Based Cell Transduction Platform

2016: Picodroplet mass spectrometry for miniaturized high throughput analysis of synthetic biology microbial clones

2015: Going with the flow cell line development meets microfluidics

2017: Cyto-Mine® Application Note 2: Antigen-Specific Assay

2017: Cyto-Mine®: an Integrated Picodroplet System for Single Cell Analysis

2015: Enhancing Monoclonal Antibody Production with Picodroplet Technology

2014: Enhancing Cell Line Development with Picodroplet Technology

2017: Cyto-Mine® Application Note 3: Monoclonality Assurance Studies

2017: Cyto-Mine® – an integrated platform for rapid therapeutic discovery from single cells

2015: High-Throughput Picodroplet-Based Analysis of Biosynthetic Libraries

2014: Multiplexed identification of nucleic acids in single chromatin complexes