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16th September 2014: Sphere Fluidics Selects Cambridge Consultants as Product Engineering Partner for Cyto-Mine Development
Dr. Marian Rehak (R&D Director, Sphere Fluidics Limited) said “After an exacting selection process, Sphere Fluidics has selected Cambridge Consultants Limited as our partner in product engineering for Cyto-Mine (a novel single cell analysis instrument). They are a world-class technology consultancy business with expertise in microfluidics, optoelectronics and picodroplet areas – critical for success”. Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) said “This will be a revolutionary product for the Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development market. The commercial potential is also visible in synthetic biology, antibiotic-resistance screening and single cell diagnostics - so this will be a huge, global seller!”. “We are pleased to be working with Sphere Fluidics,” said John Pritchard, Head of Diagnostics at Cambridge Consultants. “Our track record of engineering excellence makes Cambridge Consultants the development partner of choice for clients ranging from small, ambitious start-ups right the way through to multinational, blue-chip organisations”.

9th September 2014: Sphere Fluidics Granted US Patent on Picodroplet Separation
Sphere Fluidics has been awarded a US patent on separation of picodroplets using novel microfluidic designs. "This brings our patent portfolio to 52 patents with 11 families and 22 granted international patents" said Dr Marian Rehak (Director of R&D). "Our patent portfolio and associated Freedom-To-Operate is an amazing asset" said Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director). "This patent collection underpins development and protects our new Cyto-Mine single cell analysis platform and our other emerging mass spectrometry platform (ESI-Mine). It is also available for licensing to approved external organisations".

6th September 2014: Sphere Fluidics Presents Posters at Micro and Nano Flows 2014 Conference
Work carried out by Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer as Sphere Fluidics) in collaboration with colleagues from Imperial College, University College London and University of Edinburgh will be presented in two papers at the 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference - MNF2014, to be held in London from the 7th-10th September 2014. The first paper, “Multiphase measurement of blood flow in a microchannel. J. Sherwood, D. Holmes, E. Kaliviotis and S. Balabani” presents an experimental study of blood flow dynamics in microfluidic channels and builds on work published recently by the same authors in the journal PLOSONE. The second, “Deformability of red blood cells affects their velocity in deterministic lateral displacement devices. T. Krueger, D. Holmes and P. Coveney” presents a numerical modelling (Lattice-Boltzmann) study of how deformable objects, such as blood cells, behave while flowing through complex microfluidic geometries. Further details of MNF2014 can be found here: http://www.mnf2014.com/index.htm

25th August 2014: Dr David Holmes Appointed to IET Nanobiotechnology Journal Editorial Board
Dr David Holmes (Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the IET Nanobiotechnology journal. The journal publishes peer-reviewed papers in areas including development of biomedical devices, microfabrication, colloid chemistry, microtechnology, cell function and molecular self-assembly. Dr Holmes has been appointed for a two year period. Information on the journal can be found here: digital-library.theiet.org/journals/iet-nbt/editorial-board

18th August 2014: Sphere Fluidics Attending and Presenting at Bioprocessing Summit
Sphere Fluidics will be attending the Bioprocessing Summit in Boston (USA) during August 18th - August 22nd 2014. Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) stated "I will be attending to update myself on the exciting Bioprocesssing field and also progress discussions with major biopharma companies on the new Sphere Fluidics' Cyto-Mine platform for single cell analysis". Dr Karine Enesa (Principal Scientist) stated "We are also presenting a poster on Cyto-Mine related work called "Picodroplets for Use in Cell Development"". Conference information can be found here: www.bioprocessingsummit.com/

12th August 2014: Sphere Fluidics Files UK Patent on Novel Mass Spectrometry BioChip
Sphere Fluidics has filed another patent on design and use of novel mass spectrometry biochips for processing libraries of picodroplets. "Sphere Fluidics' technology enables high-throughput, miniaturised mass spectrometry which has novel applications for screening libraries of engineered cells for production of valuable molecules - such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or Industrial Enzymes. These areas are immensely important in the pharmaceutical industry and in the rapidly growing Synthetic Biology market." said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "The technology also has applications in screening of inhibitors against libraries of enzymes created by e.g. enzyme evolution." he added. 

30th July 2014: Sphere Fluidics Files Two New PCT Patents on Novel Detection Methods

Sphere Fluidics' scientists have filed two separate PCT patents on the use of novel detection systems and methods to visualise single cells in picodroplets. Dr Clive Smith (Principal Scientist) was one of the key inventors and stated "These new patents protect validated new approaches that enable us to improve counting of one or more cells in picodroplets and accurately sort out the "single cell actives" from background populations of millions of cells." Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) said "These patents further strengthen our international patent portfolio and improve the technical performance of new instrumenation (e.g. Cyto-Mine) that we are developing".

14th July 2014: Sphere Fluidics to Attend Dielectrophoresis 2014 in London
Dr. David Holmes (Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) will attend the Dielectrophoresis 2014 Conference in London on 14th-16th July, 2014.  Dr Holmes stated "I am looking forward to meeting and talking with key international scientists, with expertise in electric field based particle manipulation techniques and exploring their potential application for manipulation and analysis of our picodroplets.”  Dr Holmes also commented: “We will also be presenting some recent work carried out in collaboration with colleagues from University of Liverpool and University College London. The title of our talk is: “Real-time Dielectrophoretic Signalling and Image Quantification Methods for Evaluating Electrokinetic Properties of Nanoparticles." Conference info: dielectrophoresis2014.iopconfs.org

14th July 2014: Sphere Fluidics, UCL and Imperial College Publish Microfluidics Paper on Blood Flow Analysis
Dr David Holmes (a Principal Engineer at Sphere Fluidics) and collaborators at University College London and Imperial College have recently published a paper in the online jounal PLOS ONE. Dr Holmes commented: “The work uses microfluidic devices and image analysis methods to highlight the importance of considering local haematocrit distributions in the analysis of blood flow. The experimental approaches developed in this work provide a foundation for further examining the characteristics of microhaemodynamics, and could lead to more accurate computational models of blood flow in microvascular networks.” The tile of the paper is: "Spatial Distributions of Red Blood Cells Significantly Alter Local Haemodynamics.” The article was published in PLOS ONE, info here: www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0100473

30th June 2014: Sphere Fluidics Trademarks Cyto-Mine
Sphere Fluidics has filed a Trademark for Cyto-Mine, its new single cell analysis instrument, in Europe. "We are also trademarking this novel, brand name in the US and will consider other regions shortly." said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "Sphere Fluidics believes that this technology will be breakthrough for biopharmaceutical discovery and development. To date, we have taken great care in developing our IP portfolio and will continue to do so to ensure protection of our valuable assets".

24th June 2014: Sphere Fluidics Wins New Investment for Development of Unique, Single Cell Analysis Instrument
Sphere Fluidics has just secured £1.4 million in a First Close of a new investment round. The latter will finally complete in early September 2014 with more potential funding already in the pipeline. "This is the first tranche of funding that we will use to develop a brand new, single cell analysis instrument called Cyto-Mine. This machine will enable unique high-throughput, single cell assays for Biopharmaceutical Discovery and provide an integrated, superior solution for isolating high expressors, and subsequently assuring monoclonality, for Biopharmaceutical Development. This instrument marks the first implementation of our strategy to move to provide, not only novel biochips and specialist chemicals, but also high value instrumentation systems. This machine is revolutionary for the biopharmaceutical market. We have also identified other large markets that we will enter later with related devices, said Dr. Frank F. Craig (CEO).

15th June: Sphere Fluidics to Globally Launch New Cyto-Mine Platform at BIO2014 
Sphere Fluidics will be launching its vision for development of its' new Cyto-Mine platform at BIO2014 (being held in San Diego during June 23rd-26th 2014). Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO), Dr Marian Rehak (Director of R&D) and Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) will be attending. "This new system will perform novel single cell and cell:cell or cell:biomolecule assays on millions of cells and also ensure enhanced monoclonality of isolated "hits." said Dr Rehak. "This new platform will accelerate biopharmaceutical discovery and development. We are also now starting to collaborate with leading biopharmaceutical companies to help shape the features of this exciting new platform." said Dr Marchmont. "We will also be exhibiting at Booth #3317 in the UK Pavilion and are meeting a number of top firms for biopartnering discussions, so this will be an excellent meeting for Sphere Fluidics." said Dr Craig. More information can be found here: www.convention.bio.org/2014/

15th June 2014: Sphere Fluidics to exhibit at the RSC Emerging Technologies Conference
Sphere Fluidics will be exhibiting at the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Conference to be held in London (UK) on 25th June 2014. Dr Xin Li (Group Leader, Chemistry) and Dr David Holmes (Principal Engineer) will be present to discuss Sphere Fluidics' single cell analysis platforms. "Our core technology was based on inventions made in the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge, so visitors can see how companies develop novel chemistry into leading products and technology platforms." said Dr Li. "Visitors can also get information on our new Cyto-Mine single cell analysis platform which we have now started to develop." said Dr Holmes. Conference information can be found here: www.rsc.org/Membership/Networking/InterestGroups/IndustryAndTechnologyForum/emerging-technologies/final.asp

5th May 2014: Sphere Fluidics and The Dolomite Centre Sign an Exclusive Distributor Agreement
Sphere Fluidics and The Dolomite Centre Ltd. have now signed an exclusive distributor agreement for Sphere Fluidics' trademarked range of unique biochips, surfactants and other specialist chemicals for picodroplet applications. These will be promoted and sold via Dolomite’s worldwide sales channels. Dr Robert Marchmont, Commercial Director of Sphere Fluidics, stated: “We are very impressed with Dolomite’s technical, manufacturing and commercial expertise in the area of microfluidics and are now pleased to strengthen our current relationship with this new agreement. We are looking forward to further growing our successful partnership.” Mr Lee Jeffries, COO of Dolomite, said: “Sphere Fluidics’ scientific know-how and capability in the core areas of picodroplet based technology will enable Dolomite to enhance our market leading microfluidic system solutions, by offering unique capabilities in picodroplet generation, isolation and analysis.”

29th March 2014: Sphere Fluidics to Attend Analytica 2014
Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) will be attending Analytica 2014. The conference is being held in Munich, Germany on April 1st - 4th. "Analytica has over 1,000 exhibitors and circa 30,000 trade visitors. We are attending to ensure that we are updated with new innovations in industry and also to meet with new potential customers and collaborators. Analytica is the biggest conference of its type in Europe, so Sphere Fluidics aims to be there to help promote our single cell analysis technology." For conference information, see here: www.analytica.de/en/Home

24th March 2014: Sphere Fluidics to Present at SynBioBeta London Conference
Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) will be speaking at the upcoming SynBioBeta Conference in London on 3rd April, 2014. He stated "I will be speaking on novel applications of picodroplets for single cell analysis in Synthetic Biology. The conference brings together excellent international scientists and minds in this exciting, emerging area." Conference information can be found here: synbiobeta.com/event/synbiobeta-london-2014/.

4th March 2014: Sphere Fluidics Featured in Nature Biopharma Dealmakers
Sphere Fluidics has been profiled in the March edition of Nature Biopharma Dealmakers. The article was entitled "Using picodroplets to find the next blockbuster" and was authored by Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director of Sphere Fluidics). The article discusses company commercial and technical progress over the last year and the ability of picodroplets to perform upto one billion assays per biochip per day. More information can be found here: viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f9d17d#/a8f9d17d/16.

28th February 2014: Sphere Fluidics' Picodroplet Technology Appears on TED Video on Synthetic Biology.
Sphere Fluidics' picodroplet technology was discussed in a TED video discussing how synthetic biology is exploring biological complexity. The speaker was Dr Sean Ward (a co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Synthace - a leading UK company focussing on Synthetic Biology). The video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G8dQQrlbbA.

21st February 2014: Sphere Fluidics to Attend BioEurope Spring 2014.
Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) and Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) will be attending BioEurope 2014 in Turin (Italy) during March 10th -12th. "We will also be exhibiting at the UK Pavilion and look forward to meeting other industry executives at the biopartnering event" said Dr Craig. "I am looking forward to discussing our new exciting instrumentation development program with other companies. Sphere Fluidics is planning to develop the world's first integrated Monoclonality Assurance System. Monoclonality is essential for biopharmaceutical approval by all major, regulatory agencies. Our device provides significant operational cost-savings as well as up to 100-fold improvement in statistical accuracy" said Dr Rehak. Conference information can be found here: www.ebdgroup.com/bes/index.php.

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