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26th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics to Present on ESI-Mine at COEBP 4th Annual Symposium
Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) will be speaking on application of Sphere Fluidics' ESI-Mine platform for Synthetic Biology at the Centre for Excellence in Biopharmaceuticals symposium on 1st July at the University of Manchester (UK). "ESI-Mine is our new platform that enables high-throughput, miniaturised screening using mass spectrometry. We can do around 200,000 samples day (c.f. 1-10,000 by normal techniques). This platform has immense potential to transform synthetic biology and metabolomic studies". Conference information can be found here: www.coebp.ls.manchester.ac.uk

26th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics Nominated as a Finalist in UKBAA Angel Investment 2015 Awards
Sphere Fluidics has been nominated as a Finalist in the UK Business Angel Association 2015 Angel Investment Award for "Best Investment - High Growth Manufacturing". "We already have over 140 customers for our UK-manufactured consumable products" said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "We recently closed a £1.8 million angel investment round to help us now develop high value instrumentation systems, such as Cyto-Mine - our novel high-throughput single cell analysis system. Via market research we have identified over 2,000 potential users of this product. We are now manufacturing our first Cyto-Mines." Event info: www.ukbusinessangelsassociation.org.uk/news/finalists-announced-ukbaa-angel-investment-awards-2015

11th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics Exhibiting at Manchester University SYNBIOCHEM Event
Dr Xin Li (Group Leader, Chemistry) will be attending and exhibiting at the Manchester University kick-off event for its Synthetic Biology Research Centre on 11th-12th June 2015. "Scientists at Manchester University are leading-edge and are interested in using Sphere Fluidics' technology for Synthetic Biology Studies", said Dr Li. "I will be exhibiting and providing new information on our Cyto-Mine and ESI-Mine platforms and will also present a technology overview at the conference. It will be exciting to see what the scientists discover using our new systems".

10th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics to Present on ESI-Mine platform at SEED Conference in Boston, USA
Sphere Fluidics Limited is currently collaborating with Imperial College London on a project to screen Synthetic Biology libraries by electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry (ESI-MS). Dr Clive Smith (Principal Scientist, Sphere Fluidics) and Dr Carlos Bricio (Imperial College London) will be jointly presenting a poster entitled, “High-throughput picodroplet-based analysis of biosynthetic libraries”, at The SEED Conference in Boston (USA) on June 10th -12th, 2015. ”I am very excited to be able to present our novel high throughput screening approach at this prestigious conference and hope we can generate some excitement about our work”, said Dr Clive Smith. Conference programme can be found here: http://synbioconference.org/2015/seed-2015-program

6th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics CEO to Present on Cyto-Mine at VIB Next Generation Antibodies Conference
Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) will be presenting at a VIB conference titled "Next Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis: Tools and Technologies" to be held in Ghent, Belgium on 15th-16th June, 2015. The title of his presentation will be "The Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis Platform for Accelerated Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development". "I am very honoured to be asked to speak in front of such a prestigious international audience", he said. "VIB are a world-class, research institution and they have organised an excellent conference which covers exciting scientific areas". Conference information can be found here: www.vibconferences.be/event/next-generation-antibodies-and-protein-analysis-tools-and-technologies

6th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics Exhibiting and Attending Biopartnering Sessions at BIO2015
Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) and Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) will be attending BIO2015, the world's largest LIfe Sciences biopartnering conference, between June 16th - 18th, 2015. "We will also be exhibiting at the UK Pavilion, Booth number 1127. So interested companies would be welcome to drop by for updates on our new developments", said Dr Marchmont. "I am looking forward to the biopartnering meetings we have set-up with interested potential customers and technology organisations with an interest in our emerging Cyto-Mine and ESI-Mine platforms", said Dr Rehak. "It should be a very enjoyable and productive conference". The conference will be held in Philadelphia (USA) and information is shown here:convention.bio.org/partner/

4th June 2015: Sphere Fluidics patents Cyto-Mine System and Cyto-Cartridge
Sphere Fluidics has just filed a UK patent on the emerging Cyto-Mine system, that will perform high-throughput, novel single cell assays, and associated Cyto-Cartridge designs. "The latter are complex, biochip structures that will enable unique single cell, cell-cell assays and improved monoclonality for biopharmaceutical discovery and development", said Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director). "This filing is a key patent that emphasises our strategy of protecting important elements of our single cell analysis systems", said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "We now have 12 patent families in our portfolio, many of them invented by the Sphere Fluidics' R&D team".

5th May 2015: Sphere Fluidics Contributes to British Standards Institution Guide for Synthetic Biology
Sphere Fluidics has contributed to the creation of a key guide for Synthetic Biologists in the UK. Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director) was a member of the Steering Group with representatives from other leading Synthetic Biology organisations. "It is important that guidance and scientific standards are generated to help scientists and companies in this new emerging area of science. I was pleased to help out with my colleagues from other UK companies and Universities". The guide is available here:shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail/

22nd April 2015: Sphere Fluidics Wins CorporateLiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award
Sphere Fluidics has won a CorporateLiveWire 2015 award for Innovation and Excellence in Life Sciences Products and Services. "We are very pleased that Sphere Fluidics has been recognised for our innovative attitude in developing novel products and services", said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "The award further strengthens our aims to be successful in Life Sciences markets". Award information can be found on page 96 here:http://bit.ly/1KqJlic

17th April 2015: Sphere Fluidics Wins Investors In People Accreditation
Sphere Fluidics has been awarded Investors in People (IIP) Accreditation. "IIP is a management framework for achieving high performance through people", said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "Sphere Fluidics takes great care to align its people with our business strategy, ensure that our staff are well-trained, and given opportunities to improve themselves and the business. The IIP award reflects our success in this approach". IIP information can be found here: www.investorsinpeople.co.uk/about

8th April 2015: Sphere Fluidics Presenting Poster at Proteins and Antibodies Congress
Tara-Jane Bloomfield-Gerdes (Associate Scientist) will be representing Sphere Fluidics at this year’s Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress with a poster presentation. The poster is titled ‘Enhancing Monoclonal Antibody Production with Picodroplet Technology’. “I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to present our technology which could revolutionise the biopharmaceutical industry”, said Tara-Jane Bloomfield-Gerdes. “The Proteins & Antibodies Congress will be an excellent place to meet like-minded people, and hopefully create relationships for future collaborations.” The 8th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress will take place in London, UK from the 20th-21st April 2015. More information can be found at: www.proteins-congress.com

26th March 2015: Sphere Fluidics Awarded Almost £1.6 million in AMSCI Biologics Manufacturing Grant
Sphere Fluidics has won £1.6 million of a BIS £6.2 million Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative grant. The grant was led by the Centre for Process Innovation and other syndicate members included UCB, Lonza, Horizon Discovery and Alcyomics. "I am very pleased to win this grant", said Dr Marian Rehak (R&D Director of Sphere Fluidics). "The syndicate aims to incorporate Sphere Fluidics' Cyto-Mine platform into the biologics supply chain and revolutionise it.". Other information can be found here:http://bit.ly/1BfEKGS

17th March 2015: Sphere Fluidics a Finalist in Business Weekly Life Sciences Innovation Award
Sphere Fluidics has been nominated as a finalist in the East of England's Business Weekly 2015 Life Sciences Innovation Award. "I am very pleased that our innovative, single cell analysis platform has been recognised in the biotech community" said Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director). "AstraZeneca and MedImmune sponsored the award and Sphere Fluidics is a member of an exciting group of finalists".

16th March 2015: Sphere Fluidics Pitches to Investors at Cambridge Enterprise Venture Partners Event
Sphere Fluidics' CEO (Dr Frank F.Craig) will be pitching to a room of circa 50 investors at the Cambridge Enterprise Venture Partners dinner at Christ College, Cambridge (UK) on 17th March 2015. "I will be reviewing the significant commercial progress we are now experiencing plus outlining the Cyto-Mine program and the major new markets that we have identified to our current (and potentially new) investors. This marks the start of an exciting year of accelerated growth for Sphere Fluidics".

12th March 2015: Sphere Fluidics Files Cyto-Mine for a US Trademark
Sphere Fluidics has submitted theTrademark for Cyto-Mine for filing in the US. Cyto-Mine is a novel single cell assay and monoclonality assurance system. "Cyto-Mine is creating a lot of excitement in the industry and the US is our biggest market. Thus, it is important for us to get IP protection in that region" said Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO). "We aim to have the trademark awarded late this year".

7th March 2015: Sphere Fluidics Exhibiting at Bio-Europe 2015 in Paris
Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) and Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO) will be attending Bio-Europe Spring 2015 in Paris (France) on March 9th-11th 2015. "We will be exhibiting at the UK Pavilion and also attending a number of biopartnering meetings with leading companies." said Dr Marchmont. "Bio-Europe is a great conference and I look forward to meeting key companies and establishing new collaborations at the meeting." said Dr Craig. Bio-Europe conference information can be found here:www.ebdgroup.com/bes/index.php

5th March 2015. Sphere Fluidics Named as one of the UK's Top Disruptive SMEs
Sphere Fluidics has been nominated by Real Business as one of the UK's Top 50 Disruptive SMEs. This was part of the Everline Future 50 competition. Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director) attended the awards ceremony and stated "It is great news that Cyto-Mine and our single cell analysis technology has been recognised by the broader UK business community as revolutionary". Information on the award can be found here: http://bit.ly/1GK7vgh

28th February 2015: Sphere Fluidics to Present at Biopharmaceutical Symposium
Sphere Fluidics' CEO (Dr Frank F. Craig) will be presenting at a KTN Biopharmaceutical Analytical Group Symposium to be held in Leeds (UK) on the 4th-5th of March 2015. The title of his talk will be: "Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis Technology for Accelerated Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development". He said, "This is an excellent forum that brings together leaders in the biopharmaceutical discovery and tools field. I will present on progress of Cyto-Mine development and use of picodroplets with single cells". Conference information can be found here:

10th February 2015: Sphere Fluidics Attending The Royal Society's "Labs to Riches" Event in London

Sphere Fluidics' CEO (Dr Frank F. Craig) will be attending The Royal Society's prestigious "Labs to Riches" event in London on the 11th Feb 2015. "This is an annual event where science, business ands society leaders get together for annual awards and networking. It is an excellent forum for showcasing science, new companies and bringing together companies with potential investors. I look forward to interesting discussions", he said. More information can be found here: royalsociety.org/grants/labs-to-riches/

21st January 2015: Sphere Fluidics attending Industrial Biotechnology Showcase 2015 in London
Dr Frank F. Craig (CEO of Sphere Fluidics Limited) will be attending the InnovateUK network conference on Industrial Biotechnology on Feb 11th-12th 2015 in London. "This is an excellent forum for industry and academia to get together and share thoughts on industrialising technology for (bio)pharmaceutical manufacture, enzyme production and bioprocessing etc. Our new single cell analysis platform (Cyto-Mine) will have a large impact on such areas as well as upstream in discovery and development. I am also looking forward to meeting with other industry colleagues at the biopartnering aspect at the conference". Conference information can be found here: connect.innovateuk.org/web/industrial-biotechnology

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