Hybridoma Screening

How Our Technology Improves Hybridoma Screening

Hybridoma generation and screening is a powerful tool for the discovery of novel monoclonal antibodies. Current techniques used in the field are restricted by the number of hybridomas they are able to screen each day. This can reduce the quality of hits obtained and slow down development pipelines.

Our high-throughput picodroplet technology can rapidly screen your hybridoma library, helping you to isolate highly-viable cells producing high quality antibodies against your target antigen, ready for further downstream analysis.

Antibody secreting cell

The Unique Benefits of Our Systems for Hybridoma Screening

Efficient hybridoma screening is essential to ensure you’re generating high-quality, antigen-specific antibodies for use in research, biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Using traditional screening methods can be extremely time-consuming and laborious. Clone pickers for example, are able to screen 10,000 hybridomas in 3 to 6 weeks, whereas our picodroplet technology can screen several million hybridomas a day.

The unique speed of our systems allows you to test your entire library and therefore improve the quality of the antibodies you select. Using this miniaturised screening approach enables you to isolate clones that are the top antibody expressers and measure genetic drift in a population. The latter will enable you to more rapidly observe the potential emergence of no or low-antibody expressing sub-populations. Our integrated and compact systems also offer further cost savings, as they reduce the continual spend on screening consumables by more than 50-fold.

We understand the importance of maintaining cell viability when screening for hybridomas. As seen in the graph, during incubation over four hours, viability of the hybidoma cell line is maintained at over 80% to ensure a high number of cells are available for further testing.

Hybridoma cell line viability over four hours
Antibody secretion by hybridomas

Our Systems in Action for Hybridoma Screening

To demonstrate how effective picodroplets are for screening hybridomas and isolating antibodies, we measured monoclonal antibody secretion by single cell hybridomas in picodroplets. The cells were incubated at 37°C over the course of three hours and antibody secretion measured using a FRET-based ELISA (i.e. a homogenous assay). As can be seen in the graph, cells grown in picodroplets performed as well as cells grown in bulk culture over the time period analysed. This allows users to screen a huge number of hybridomas in a short time frame with minimal use of reagents, all without compromising on assay performance.